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Vector Line format

You need a professional vector graphics program to open the vector file.
We recommend that you save the file first, then open it with the appropriate vector program (Adobe Illustrator CS2 for example).   
Double clicking on the file may prompt your computer to open the file with another program thereby changing the file's initial format.  
Instead, open the program first, then open the file. 
Opening the file with a "raster" program like Photoshop will "rasterize" the image and the file will be of no use to anyone requiring vector line art. 
Opening the file with a PDF reader may change your eps file to a pdf file
instead. If the vector file was requested by a third party and you do not have vector graphics program, simply forward the attached file or save the file to disc.  
EPS is the preferred file format for most engraving machines.
Simply embedding a photo (jpeg for example) into a file and saving it with an .eps extension will not turn your image into a vector line graphic.


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© Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved.
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